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Stop Talking

Charles Bukowski is buried at the Green Hills Memorial Park Rancho Palos Verdes, Los Angeles County, California Plot: Ocean... Read More →


The world is absurd. Ugly absurd. To repair ugly absurdity, we can’t just be normal. We need an alternative... Read More →


Imagine working a brutal 10 hour shift at the Post Office, coming home and arguing with your wife or... Read More →

I Do Not Care

Many colorful stories entwine around Bukowski and his neighbor Jane, about whom he wrote many poems. My favorite is... Read More →


Here is an example of an expression of love to Charles Bukowski, snatched in a relevant forum: «Hello, I... Read More →


I decided that I was losing not the money part fuck that but if I may be corny –... Read More →

Bedtime Story

unsaid, said the snail. untold, said the toirtoise. doesn’t matter, said the tiger. obey me, said the country. watch... Read More →


«Look, girls, be realistic. None of us hardly knows the other. We’re basically strangers to each other. We’ve passed... Read More →