Römerberg 33 — November 24th 2018

I decided that I was losing
not the money part
fuck that

but if I may be corny – the soul part that I was packing away in boxes with the ladies’ dresses – and since I was losing this, wt could I do besides start a ladies’ dress shop myself – which even if I could wd be very obnoxious – I decided

that since I was losing
I could either give up and lose it all
or lose almost everything
but save
save the little bit that was left.

Charles Bukowski in one of his letters to John William Corrington — written on January 12th 1962. (During his early years as a poet, Corrington – playwright of «Planet of the Apes» («Planet der Affen») discovered the work of Charles Bukowski, whose poetry he admired, and they carried on an extensive correspondence spanning much of the 1960s. Bukowski, always a difficult man, eventually fell-out with Corrington and they went their separate ways.)

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