Fish (Silent Sunday)

Hirschgraben 17 — October 10th 2018

«The ocean» I said, «look at it out there, battering, crawling up and down. And underneath all that, the fish, the poor fish fighting each other, killing each other. We’re like those fish, only we’re up here. One bad move and you’re finished. It’s nice to be a champion. It’s nice to know your moves.»

I took an expensive cigar and lit it.

«’Nother drink, Mary Lou?»

«All right, Hank.»

From the shortstory «The Poor Fish» by Charles Bukowski – written circa 1970, first published in the Magazin «Adam» Vol. 14 – № 7 (July 1970) and later to become part of «Post Office» (1971).

«I Met A Genius» – Poem written circa 1967, first published in the Magazin «Vagabond» № 5 (1967) — Videowork credit: Clemens Wilhelm (Reykjavik 2011)

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  1. “Ni lep.”
    Takrat sem prvikrat ugotovil isto.

    I have it in memory in Slovenian translation, the last two lines. I remember it because I was so opposed to the thought.

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